How To Make Facebook Profile Picture Unclickable

Facebook Profile Picture Unclickable image

I think it may be useful for lots of kids, boys and primarily for women to make their profile picture non-public or unclickable. In the event you do thatno one can view view your profile picture to appear remarks and likes on it. Each individual can see your profile picture alternatively cannot click on on it to view it largelyIt is a good stress-free and that you could go away a excellent have an effect on in your pals by means of doing it. As I do know individuals are aware of Fb and it’s profile very wellThen again nonetheless these so many pointers and settings in Fb profile that you could be now not remember. So, this article lessons you the way can you are making your profile picture private or unclickable.

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Make Facebook Profile Picture Unclickable

1.)Go to your fb account in case your aren’t logged into your fb account than first log into your fb account.
2.)Now click on in your fb profile picture your fb profile image will likely be open , after that you need to select the protection or we are able to say visibility of the picture.

Facebook Profile Picture Unclickable image
3.)So as to select the visibility of the picture click on the wrench icon under your name ,see under pic.

Facebook Profile Picture Unclickable image

Facebook Profile Picture Unclickable image
the best way to make fb profile image not clickable How To Make Fb Profile Image Not Clickable

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4.)Now to make your fb profile picture not clickable ,you need to select the Only Me option that make it not clickable and therefore your fb image can not be view through anybody in the better frames because image is not clickable.

Every other factor you need to be sure that picture is only not clickable for others however you can click in your picture and look at it in big frames and that you can also alternate setting’s later if you wish .Notice another point through doing this your are best hiding one image not the entire album of your fb.
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